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The life and times of a Normal Person

Chelsea Meagan Sites
30 December 1978
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I am the Girlfriend of webwatcher. I live with him in Redondo Beach. I dont have a very dramatic life but I am a great person and care a lot about people. If you want to know more about this regular girl's life read here. Just one more thing I LOVE DAN SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
acting, amusement parks, ancient history, animaniacs, anne rice, apple martinis, apple pucker, arts, auditioning, bargain shopping, bartending, baths, bbc america, being lazy, bon jovi, books, britney, britney spears, buffy and angel, candles, cartoons, chicago the musical, cinderella, coca-cola bears, cocacola stuff, coloring, comedy, conversation, cooking, costums, cuddling, dave berry, dawson creek, discovery channel, disneyland, drama, dreaming, drinking, dvd movies, erotica, family guy, farscape, fire, futurama, garth brooks, ghosts, good times, happiness, harry potter, histeria, history, howard stern, interview with a vampire, james randi, jonathan creek, karaoke, kissing, las vegas, learning new things, literature, london, los angeles, love, madonna, making friends, making love, meeting new people, midori, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, mysteries, new york, newsies, orlando bloom, passion, pbs, penn and teller, peter paige, pinky and the brain, playing board games, playing computer games, poetry, pogo.com, pop music, postcards, purple, quantum leap, queer as folk, queer eye, reading, reading poetry, red, redondo beach, road trips, rocky horror, roller costers, romance, roses, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shania twain, shoes, shopping, simpsons, singing, sliders, south park, stars, stuffed animals, style, swimming, talking, tattoos, theater, theatre, tiny toons, tlc channel, tom leykis, trading spaces, traveling, tv, used book stores, vampires, venice italy, watching movies, watching tv, west hollywood, what not to wear, while you were out, wicked the musical, will and grace, writing poetry