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The life and times of a Normal Person

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27th April 2011

4:34pm: just because
watching law and order on tv and just wondered what is going on over at live journal

19th July 2009

11:57am: new way to bring in money during my surgeries
hey friends and family starting a new biz "Princess House" lots of cool cvooking stuff my mom has had there stuff for years loves it looking for friends to hopst partys and invite friends this is something i would really likw to be good at and I love there product .

4th June 2009

5:48pm: RIP Florance Sites
she was a great grandma and i will miss her but she is now dancing with my grandpa!

1st June 2009

5:13am: OMG
We cleared out 3 storage spaces yesterday i am very thank full for the help we had and i am so proud that we got though it !!!!

27th April 2009

10:57pm: OMG
Here's a running list of things my docs have said that are wrong with me. small tear in rotater cup and small tear in tendon small bone spur and bursitis all in my right shoulder, carpal tunnel in both my hands along with some unknown proplem with right elbow siatica in my right side of back bulging disc in left bursitis in both my hips and to top it all off neuropathy in both my feet what ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there my be more to come ya never know hahahahahahahahaha

19th April 2009

8:33pm: wishes well wishes for all friends that are in trouble and hopes all friends have a great week.

17th April 2009

12:27pm: pain

13th April 2009

10:39am: neglectfull am I
Sorry all I have been working for like two weeks now and going to way to many doctors appointments. I am not one for posting or commenting alot but I do indeed read and at least once a day, just by the time I do read my brain is mush so I have know witty comments or funny words to say. But I do think think about all my friends and hope you are doing well and if your not doing well I hope that things get better hope ya all had a good easter. HUGSSS
Current Mood: frustrated

30th March 2009

4:47pm: SCRABBLE Sprint
4:39pm: Operation Mania
love this game

21st February 2009

10:05am: fundraiser for our friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
At On the Rocks 239 north harbor dr. in redondo beach 9pm $5.00 cover which will go towards her funeral expenses.
http://www. nbclosangeles. com/news/local/Saturday-Night-Fundraiser-Set-for-Cory-Daye-Desmond. html

19th February 2009

3:11am: very sad
I feel as though I am in a movie and i want it to end and return to normal reality . RIP CORI DAYE you will be missed and never forgotten

16th February 2009

8:11pm: ok i had a great post but time warner sucks ass so maybe you get it tomorrow when i can put my thoughts together fuckity fuck.
Current Mood: pissed off

14th February 2009

5:10pm: HAPPY V-DAY YA ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

6th January 2009

1:09am: SCRABBLE Sprint
ilove games

1:08am: Operation Mania
hey new game

6th November 2008

8:26pm: we all care more about chickens then are fellow human beings
Re-open Proposition 8 for California"
hosted on the web by PetitionOnline. com.
please go to this site to sign petition:

http://www. petitiononline. com/seg5130/petition. html
Current Mood: with people

16th October 2008

7:49am: sounds like a good a ideal
Hey friends take a look at this bank Dan and i think this kind of bank would be a great idea in the current situation we are all in and that this bank will do good for our communities


29th September 2008

11:18pm: so excited!!!!!!!!!!!1
yeah for a mere two weeks before the cook-off

2nd September 2008

3:21am: crazy huh
hey ya all dan and I are getting married this saterday just thought i would let ya all know we will be having another much bigger wedding next year around the same time so ya all that will not be with us this saterday can experince it with us also once i lose the weight i might want to wear one of those silly white dresses heheheh

17th August 2008

6:38pm: I've lost 17 pounds since monday

16th August 2008

1:40am: I am so hungery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13th August 2008

1:40pm: what a week
have not told alot of people but i had lap band sugery on monday really tired will talk about it more later when dan ccomes home to help me type pain meds are ggooodddd

3rd August 2008

2:09am: love it
love i never knew but i love it rose from doctor who

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